Art Ramon’s watercolor or ink sketches  are available unframed and direct. Created on 11″ x 14″ artist paper, they are in limited supply. Become an art collector no matter your budget! Own yours for listed price plus shipping. Email Art Ramon with your shipping address, and a PayPal® invoice will be sent.


Watercolor | 11″ x 14″ | $25

Ink | 11″ x 14″ | $19

Float Frame Examples

A float frame is recommended for framing the sketch, exact size or larger. The work will be flattened and protected between two panes of glass or acrylic, eliminating contact with any non-archival material which could yellow the paper. Exact size frames make for easy mounting, however, they cover 1/4″ from the edge around the perimeter of the sketch. Larger size frames show the entire work, however, additional effort is required to center it squarely.