Martian Miner 2049er needs your help to travel Around the World in 80 Months!

Martian Miner 2049er was first exhibited at Phoenix Comicon. Now, it’s being sent out into the world where it hopefully journeys to many nations, temporarily residing in people’s homes. Hopefully, in 80 months it makes it around the planet, with grandiose plans for eventual travel to Mars where it will be exhibited in the first art gallery on Mars. Save Earth, colonize Mars!

Godspeed Martian Miner 2049er.


This painting is not for sale. Fully read the Terms and Conditions before responding.

If you want to be considered, you must live in the Tucson area and should frequently travel by vehicle easterly and have trusted friends in those easterly areas who can assist in this mission OR live in Tucson with plans of moving within 6 months out easterly OR currently live out easterly and commonly travel to Tucson. Email Art Ramon your patronage amount and an indication of your frequent travel areas by vehicle and the type of trusted contacts you have there OR the area you are relocating to.


Whomever gains a maximum of 6 months of temporary possession of Martian Miner 2049er becomes Art Ramon’s patron and friend. Art Ramon’s patrons will help him succeed in creating additional works of art by sending him financial support via PayPal friend payments in non-zero multiples of $11. Whether it’s one-time or multiple payments, patrons choose the level of patronage that they can afford, $11, $55, $121, $1,221… Any non-zero multiple helps support Art Ramon’s future work!

Art Ramon’s patron and honorable friend in possession of Martian Miner 2049er should enjoy the work for no more than 6 months, before they either sell, gift, barter, or bequeath the piece to the next honorable person who will gain up to 6 months of temporary possession and help Martian Miner 2049er succeed in its mission.

Art Ramon will create a slide show album below for every patron who financially supports him and sends photos via email. His patrons should send pictures of the work while holding it and displaying it in their home, business, etc.

Places Exhibited

2015 Creation Origin, Vail, AZ

2017 Phoenix Comicon, Phoenix, AZ

2018 June, Frame Upgrade, Vail, AZ