Art has the power to change the world!™

Art Ramon is a Modern-Day Renaissance Man™ with many interests and limited time. His art speaks to contemporary humanity and future generations of genetically enhanced cybernetic posthumans. Painting allows him to express feelings and ideas in a medium that transcends the limitations of spoken words, which are difficult for him to convey in conversation without Neuralink assistance.

He experiments with various styles but gravitates towards abstract, surrealism, and impressionism. His experimentation in combining Southwestern art with surrealism and abstract has led him to father Southwest Surreal™ and Arid Abstract™. His unique perspective, which led him to create Neo-Southwestern Art™, allows his work to stand out in the present and throughout infinite possible futures.

Art Ramon custom frames his work to have greater creative control. He can alter the angles of mounted canvases within the frame to explore light and foreshortened perspective further. He can also consolidate older with newer work, which spans different canvases, time, and life experience.

In a world drowning in negativity, mediocrity, and rising sea levels, his best work that will overcome it all is yet to come!